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I would first like to thank you for visiting my site. On July 1, 2018 I started my duties as ATU757 TriMet Transportation Powell Executive Board Officer. ATU757 is a local union that represents transit employees throughout Oregon and part of Washington. On July 8, 2020 ATU757 President Shirley Block removed and stripped me of my title and duties of ATU757 TriMet Transportation Powell Executive Board Officer and appointed another person to fill my position without due process. On July 20, 2020 ATU757 Executive Board Officers voted to allow ATU757 President Shirley Block’s actions. The Executive Board Officers also voted to appeal to the International General Executive Board for assistance in moving forward.


In the Foot Menu (bottom of each page) of this site is links to ATU757 Bylaws, ATU Constitution and LMRDA (Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959), TriMet Contract, TriMet MOA's and Robert's Rules of Order. This is so that viewers are able to easily reference bylaw, constitution, LMRDA act, TriMet Contract, TriMet MOA"s and Robert's Rules of Order towards things that are being talked about here. Viewers and members need to have the ability to be informed and have the ability to investigate for themselves so they can make an educated decision about the topics that are being addressed here.


Due to limitation set forth by ATU Constitution there are things that cannot be publicly posted due to private union business. There is a large number of topics that will be posted that will not be permitted to be posted publicly. This is why the site has created a secure login area that ATU members can login to upon registration approval. The site admins will personally research and approve registrations to assure that those accessing the secured section of this site are members. Registrations will not be shared with ATU757, ATU or any other without the expressed consent of each registered member. This is to protect any member in fear of retaliation from ATU757, ATU or any others.

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